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Fluent English book
TOPIC 1: The Present Perfect Tense vs. the Simple Past Tense

Let’s take a look at the two most common past tenses in English: the present perfect tense
and the simple past tense.

Present Perfect                                Simple Past
/ have spoken                                 I spoke
you have spoken                           you spoke
he, she, it has spoken                   he, she, it spoke
we have spoken                             we spoke
they have spoken                          they spoke

As you can see, the present perfect tense is formed with the verb to have and the past participle of the main verb, in this case, spoken. The simple past tense is just the past form of the verb, which in this case is spoke. These tenses are used a bit differently. The present perfect tense expresses an event that happened in the past when the exact time is not known, or when there’s a result or a connection being made to the present, or when the time reference is still unfinished, as in so far this week, or up to now, or during my entire life.The simple past tense, on the other hand, expresses an action that happened when a specific finished time is given, such as yesterday or last
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